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   Product name:  Dicyclopentadiene
  Serial number:   CP001
  English name:   Dicyclopentadiene
  English synonyms:   3a,4,7,7a-Tetrahydro-4,7-methanoindene; 1,3-Cyclopentadiene dimer; DCPD
  CAS NO:   77-73-6
  Molecular formula:   C10H12
  Molecular weight:   132.20
  Melting point:   31 ºC
  Boiling point:   170 ºC
  Appearance:  Clear liquid or white solid
  Assay:   99%,97%,95%,85%

Specification:99%,97%,95%,85% or as per requirement

Application:Dicyclopentadiene can be used as the material in producing adamantane, metallocene, pentanedial, norbornene, amino carboxylic ester, epoxy resin curing agent, CCMP(2-chlor-5-chlor methylpyridine), anti-flammability and chlorimated DCPD, and is widely used in the medical field along with other areas such as pesticide, spice, curry and synthetic rubber. Besides, dicyclopentadiene is a kind of high-energy fuel. And also used in the preparation of high-performance laser diodes and solar cells.

Production capacity: 2500MT/month   the largest manufacturer in China

 Packing:200kg/drum or ISO Tank

Storage:200 kg drums or ISO Tank,Stored Sealed and cool place with ventilation.  

 Attention:Stay away from open flame, heat, oxidizer. USe foam, halon, dry, Sandy to Fire fighting.

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