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   Product name:  Pyridine-N-oxide
  Serial number:   CP008
  English name:   Pyridine-N-oxide
  English synonyms:   Pyridine-1-oxide
  CAS NO:   694-59-7
  Molecular formula:   C5H5NO
  Molecular weight:   95.10
  Melting point:   65-66 ºC
  Boiling point:   270 ºC
  Appearance:  White or light yellow solid
  Assay:   99% min.

Application:Pyridine-N-oxideas important intermediates in the pharmaceutical industry, often used in the synthesis of antibiotics and other drugs, such as synthesis of cefapirin.

Production capacity :5t/month

Packing: 5MT/month

Storage :store at2-8ºC

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