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   Product name:  2-Methylthiophenylboronic acid
  Serial number:   CP011
  English name:   2-Methylthiophenylboronic acid
  English synonyms:   2-Thioanisoleboronic acid; (2-Thiomethylphenyl)boronic acid; 2-(Methylthio)phenylboronic acid
  CAS NO:   168618-42-6
  Molecular formula:   C7H9BO2S
  Molecular weight:   168.02
  Melting point:   77-83 ºC
  Boiling point:   327.5ºC
  Appearance:  white crystalline powder
  Assay:   98%+

Application: pharmaceutical and OLED intermediates

Production capacity :8MT/month

Packing :25kg/drum or as per requirement

Storage :keep containers tightly sealed, store in cool,dry place in tightly closed containers,.

Attention :Ensure good ventilation/exhaustion at the workpalce

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